/skwɛə / (say skwair)

1. a four-sided plane having all its sides equal and all its angles right angles.
2. anything having this form or a form approximating it.
3. one of the rectangular or otherwise shaped divisions of a game board, as a chess or draughts board.
4. an open area in a city or town, as at the intersection of streets, often planted with grass, trees, etc.
5. a block of buildings in a town marked off by neighbouring and intersecting streets along each side.
6. an L-shaped or T-shaped instrument for determining or testing right angles, and for other purposes.
7. Mathematics the second power of a number or quantity: the square of 4 is 4 × 4, or 16.
8. Building Trades a former unit of surface measurement equalling 100 square feet.
9. Military History a body of troops drawn up in quadrilateral form.
10. Colloquial someone who is conservative in manner, dress or behaviour: *Here they all are – the anti-socials, the misfits, the delinks, in a common defiance of the squares. –colin johnson, 1965.
11. Colloquial a heterosexual.
12. Rowing the position of the blade of an oar at right angles to the water before it is dropped in to begin a stroke.
13. Obsolete a true standard.
14. Also, squareface. Colloquial gin.
verb (t) (squared, squaring)
15. to reduce to square, rectangular, or cubic form.
16. to mark out in squares or rectangles.
17. to test for deviation from a right angle, straight line, or plane surface.
18. Mathematics
a. to multiply (a number or quantity) by itself.
b. to describe or find a square which is equivalent to: to square a circle.
19. to bring to the form of a right angle or right angles; set at right angles to something else.
20. to make the score of (a contest, etc.) even.
21. to set (the shoulders, arms, etc.) so as to present an approximately rectangular outline.
22. Also, square off. to make straight, level, or even.
23. to regulate, as by a standard.
24. to adjust harmoniously or satisfactorily; balance; settle: to square a debt.
25. Rowing to turn (the blade of an oar) from the feather to a right angle to the surface before dropping it to begin a stroke.
26. Colloquial to bribe.
adjective (squarer, squarest)
27. of the form of a right angle; having some part or parts rectangular: a square corner.
28. having four sides and four right angles; cubical or approximately so; rectangular and of three dimensions: a square box.
29. at right angles, or perpendicular: one line square to another.
30. Nautical at right angles to the mast and the keel, as a yard.
31. designating a unit representing an area in the form of a square: a square metre.
32. relating to such units, or to surface measurement: square measure.
33. Mathematics
a. See square number.
b. See square root.
34. of a specified length on each side of a square: an area 2 metres square.
35. having a square section, or one that is merely rectangular: a square file.
36. having a solid, sturdy form with rectilinear and angular outlines.
37. straight, level, or even, as a surface or surfaces.
38. leaving no balance of debt on either side; having all accounts settled: to make accounts square.
39. just, fair, or honest.
40. straightforward, direct, or unequivocal.
41. conservative in manners, dress, or behaviour.
42. Colloquial heterosexual.
43. so as to be square; in square or rectangular form.
44. at right angles.
45. Colloquial solidly or directly: to hit a nail square on the head.
46. Colloquial fairly, honestly or uprightly.
47. a (good) square meal, a satisfying or substantial meal.
48. all square,
a. even, with no debt or obligation on either side.
b. Sport even in points, goals, etc.
49. break square, to have one's credits or profits equal one's debits or losses.
50. on the square, Colloquial
a. fair; fairly.
b. abstaining from alcohol; teetotal.
c. Obsolete going steady: Fred is on the square with Alice.
51. out of square, not at right angles.
52. square away,
a. Nautical to arrange the yards so that they are at right angles to the fore-and-aft line of the ship.
b. to complete; fix up.
53. square off, to assume a posture of offence or defence, as in boxing.
54. square off with,
a. to apologise to; make recompense to.
b. to get revenge on; pay back.
55. square one's account,
a. Accounting to achieve a balance.
b. (sometimes followed by with) to secure reconciliation or forgiveness.
56. square the circle, to attempt the impossible.
57. square up,
a. (sometimes followed by with) to pay or settle a bill, debt, etc.: *You can square up with me later. –xavier herbert, 1938.
b. Cricket to bowl straight at (a batter), forcing him or her to face the ball instead of hitting it side on.
58. square up to, to face, especially courageously; prepare to contest or resist.
59. square with, to accord or agree with: his theory does not square with the facts.
60. think outside the square, to take an unconventional approach.
61. track square, Obsolete Colloquial to be courting.
{Middle English, from Old French esquarrer, from Latin ex- ex-1 + quadrāre to square, quadrate; def. 14 from the shape of its bottle}
squarely, adverb
squareness, noun
squarer, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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